Best way to Learn English Speaking

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Rule #1 : Minimum Interruption – Valuable Corrections

Your teacher will not correct you every time you make a mistake. Continuous corrections does not help you learn English. It is impossible for you to learn from every correction AND you will lose confidence. Instead, your teacher will pause the conversation from time to time and point out areas you should improve (i.e. sounds you have trouble pronouncing, grammar mistakes, better vocabulary). This approach will maximize the time you practice speaking and also give you some homework projects.

Rule #2: Student Speaks Most of the Time

If you just listen to the teacher and take notes, you will not improve speaking. You need to actively speak during the class. We will make sure the student speaks most of the time during the lesson. The teacher will ask a lot of questions and lead the conversation in a way the student speaks 80% of the time.

Rule #3: Real Conversations

In your first lesson the teacher will ask what topics you like to talk about. Whether you want to focus on TOEFL/ IELTS Speaking topics or job related topics we can help. Examples for conversation topics – politics, literature, technology, sports, careers, culture, travel, health, Hollywood, stock market, global warming, TED Talks, cooking etc

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